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Welcome to the Columbine Knolls South II community web site.  This site contains the most comprehensive information about our community.

CKSII is a clean, quiet, and friendly community consisting of 531 single-family homes located in the southwest corner of the Denver metropolitan area between Wadsworth Blvd., Carr St., W. Chatfield Ave. and W. Morraine Drive.

CKSII has an active Homeowners' Association and is also a covenant- enforced community.

We are conveniently located near schools, major shopping centers, the Chatfield and Roxborough State Park recreation areas and a short drive to some of the finest ski resorts in the world.

A large greenbelt area runs through the middle of the community, which provides a safe environment for everyone. Within the greenbelt are areas for softball/baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis and a playground for the youngsters.

A fully-paved "trail" runs through the neighborhood, which allows for year-round use by those who enjoy walking or jogging.

Our children attend Coronado Elementary School, which is accessible to the community without crossing any major streets, and either Falcon Bluffs or Deer Creek Middle Schools and Chatfield High School .

HOA Board Meeting
FEBRUARY 9, 2016
7:00 P.M.

HOA Board Meeting
MAY 10, 2016
7:00 P.M.





Crime information from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office  

Deputy Sheriff Gordon Neuenfeldt from Jefferson County Sheriff's Office

Over the last six months I’ve posted multiple alerts about the same subject; unlocked vehicles being entered by thieves, and property stolen. For the majority of the time it’s annoying, disheartening or just an inconvenience of having small items stolen, or it can lead to the greater issue of identity theft. Beyond these issues, in the past year 15 firearms have been stolen from UNLOCKED vehicles in unincorporated Jefferson County. Just this month alone, 5 have been stolen from unlocked vehicles.

Please think about that. Loaded weapons stolen from unlocked vehicles, now in the hands of criminals. Traded for drugs or other items? Kept to commit more crimes? Who knows? What we do know is that our streets and our lives are now at greater risk when this happens. Imagine how you would feel if you found out that your stolen weapon was used to commit a crime, and possibly kill someone, especially knowing that it could have been easily prevented.

Those that commit these crimes count on you to not take the extra step of locking your vehicles, or shutting overhead garage doors, or locking the door to enter your home from the garage. They count on you feeling that crime is something that will happen to “the other guy”, not to me.

I’m sure you’re tired of seeing my posts about this, but until steps are taken on the part of all those that are targeted as victims, these crimes simply won’t stop, and we will continue trying to educate about this.





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